Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Testing the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date LV

Rolex has revised its Submariner collection for 2022 and unleashed extraordinary demand for its Oyster model with a green bezel. Our test looks at this latest version, which has an improved case and a new movement, to see if it lives up to the hype. Any time spent at a replica Rolex dealer, people would come in asking for the new Submariner with the green bezel, but all to no avail. Demand exceeded supply many times over, fueling the hype for the model. But despite the fact that every Submariner model has been updated, why has the green version received by far the most hype? First of all, it is the only steel version that is significantly different from its predecessors.
Initially, the dimensions had already caused some confusion. The specifications of the new fake Rolex model showed a larger case of 41 mm instead of 40 mm. But when the two models are placed side-by-side, the new watch almost looks smaller. In fact, the Oyster case has only increased by a very small amount, from 40.3 mm to 40.8 mm. However, the smaller lugs make it even more streamlined than its predecessor. The Oyster bracelet now measures 21 mm between the lugs instead of 20 mm, and the clasp is 1 mm wider.
The shiny black dial on the standard model contrasts with the green sunburst decoration on the dial of its predecessor. Which is more appropriate? This remains a matter of taste. The Hulk is clearly an extrovert, while the new version has more modest features and looks more like a tool watch. The color of the ceramic bezel remains the same, while the old Kermit watch is noticeably different thanks to the darker aluminum track.
Another highlight of the replica Rolex Submariner is the easy-to-turn bezel, which makes a rich clicking sound in half-minute increments. The hard ceramic ensures a scratch-free surface. The recessed numerals and markers in the ceramic ring have a thin coating of platinum. This is complemented by the high-quality curved white gold hands and applied markers.
If only the predecessor shows where improvements can be made, this is a good indication for the replica luxury watches. The proportions are now more harmonious – the wider strap and slimmer lugs give the watch a more elegant look and continue the submarine tradition. The new movement impresses with its considerable power reserve, although the rate results do not quite meet the strict criteria. Wearer comfort, readability, operation, and execution are all in line with Rolex’s benchmarks. Even the price is right. So the hype is justified. Rolex has built the best Submariner ever. The only wish left is for you to get one.

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