Does wearing a Rolex make you more popular?

There is no doubt that there are many people who initially want to buy a Rolex because of its undeniable appeal as a status symbol. However, we believe that replica Rolex watches are so beautifully crafted and intrinsically valuable that even if your motivation for buying is superficial, you will be overwhelmed by their true value and excellence when you try them on.
However, such is the case with scientists and researchers who are always looking to measure and quantify the actual social value of these items. While we don’t need an exhaustive study to tell us that Rolex is indeed an item that appeals to many people, certainly because of its ability to signify the wealth and taste of its wearer and even open doors, especially in the absence of any other indicators, it seems that the bigger picture is not so black and white.
Before you start worrying, however, note that this only applies to “the formation of new friendships” and that in any case, all such studies need to be taken with a grain of salt.” Patricia Chen of the National University of Singapore explains, “Status symbols [such as Rolex] are likely to be beneficial at other times and in other contexts, such as when trying to make new business contacts.
To reach their conclusions, the researchers conducted six studies to assess how people present themselves and how people perceive strangers.” People who choose to wear higher status items tend to get negative responses, but people want to be friends with those who prefer lower or neutral status symbols,” the paper notes.” The study took the role of luxury items out of the equation to see if it was possible that the expensive items themselves played a role in people’s responses.”
To that end, one of the studies asked people which plain T-shirt they would wear to a picnic if they wanted to make friends – one that said “Walmart” or “Saks Fifth Avenue.” Apparently, some people think Saks’ T-shirts are a bit snobby and socially undesirable.
Now, going from that to Rolex is obviously a bit of a stretch, but that’s the nature of studies like this. So if you want to wear a replica Rolex to a picnic – or better yet, a cocktail party – and you choose well, it suits you, and of course, it’s a gorgeous piece of mechanical art in its own right – then we can safely say that anyone who is offended by it is probably not the kind of person you want to meet.