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The 5 and Diamond Restaurant offers refined contemporary American fare and genuine Harlem hospitality. Food is prepared with passion — combining fresh seasonal ingredients and bold flavors with a refined presentation. We are committed to local, organic produce and are inspired by our culinary experiences here and in Europe.

The 5 and Diamond Restaurant is upscale casual with large windows, sexy lighting, vibrant floral arrangements and soft jazzy music in the background. It is an easy place to drop in at any time. Dine alone at the intimate bar, or enjoy a drink or meal while watching your favorite sports event. Come with friends and family to celebrate, or have a romantic dinner for two. Just remember to leave enough room for the decadent desserts, all made in-house.


Selene and I have lived in, or just outside of, Harlem for almost a decade, and have been going to our church on 141st Street for 16 years. So we are not new to the neighborhood. My family was an Italian family who had Chinese restaurants. It was a need of the neighborhood, and I worked for them. I got to know everything, but it wasn’t romantic enough for me. I needed to go out and do my own thing, to do something different.

For years, Selene and I would visit various places for brunch after church services, but we would always be a little disappointed in the service or quality of the food. And so we felt, 'We’ve got to do something. Where should we do something?' After some thought, we realized that there was only one place where we had a blessing, and that place was in Harlem, and that we needed to do something right here. We looked around quite a bit – for years really – for a place, and found this space.

We wanted everything in The 5 and Diamond to have the feeling of hands on, to demonstrate how involved we were with the space and with our neighborhood here. The fabric that’s on the walls: Selene’s aunt, who is about 4’11”, sewed each panel together by hand. She couldn’t lift her arms for about 5 days. The wood on the floor is from the Claremont horse stables that recently closed down. 93% of the wood came from the actual stable, mixed with hard pine.

So everything at The 5 and Diamond Restaurant has a real meaning. As we looked back in the history of what this space was, we found that, at one time, the space was a hardware store. We kept looking back, wondering what else it have been. Five & Dimes were very popular back then. And what was the Five & Dime? …a watering hole, a place where people could go to get many needs met, a place that cared about the community, that hired from the community, a place that was really involved.

We thought, that works for us. That’s really what we’re about. It’s not just about the food and the beautiful space, but really about what are we giving back to the community that we love. So that’s where the name began. Someone then said, but you are not just the Five & Dime, you are a little shinier than the Five & Dime, and that’s where The 5 and Diamond came from.

A gentleman, friend, and guest, Ernest, comes in here – and he always comes in from a long day – and he’ll say, 'I’m finally home.' And that’s what The 5 and Diamond is. We want people in Harlem to finally be home.

Harlem is still one of the only places in the world where you walk the streets, and people actually say 'hello,' 'good morning.'
It’s where our blessing is.

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